Our GPs are dedicated to support patients in the management of long-term conditions through traditional medicine and innovative approaches.

Our GPs are very active in the local CCG and community projects.

Members of the team are:

Dr. Akbar Khan (Male)

Dr. Akbar Khan is an experienced GP with a special interest in minor surgery. Dr. Khan joined the practice in December 2019 and became Lead GP in April 2019. Dr. Khan conducts clinical consultations on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Dr Soe Yin (Male)

Dr Soe Yin has provided over 28 years of services to the patients of Acton Lane Medical Centre. Dr. Yin retired from his lead GP role and since April 2019 is working part-time. Dr Yin specializes in minor surgery and ophthalmology

Senior Clinical Teacher, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Dr. D Mohamed ( Female )

Dr. Dahlia Mohamed is an experienced GP with a special interest in chronic disease management.  She works proactively to increase patient education, health awareness, and opportunistic health screening. She also runs baby clinics on Mondays.

Dr. R Fernandez ( Female )

Dr. Fernandez is a hard-working GP. She is particularly interested in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. She offers consultations on Mondays and Fridays.